Friday Night Lights

The 2018 CrossFit Open

February 22 – March 26 2018


The CrossFit Open

For five weeks from the end of February into March the CrossFit Open competition is held world wide. The open is the first of a series of tests that lead to the determination of the Fittest Male and Females across a spectrum of age groups. it is called the Open because competing is open to all comers. To compete in the world wide competition one registers with CrossFit and pays a nominal fee. You then complete the five workouts with qualified judges at a CrossFit Affiliate like Integral CrossFit.

The Integral CrossFit intramural Open was developed 4 years ago to provide a place for the members and others of to hold a friendly competition with each other, while also allowing those who are more serious a place to compete in the Open.


Teams and Judges

The blending of the Open competitors with the Intramural Team competition is an interesting dynamic. The Teams are selected in two ways: 1. a blind draft 2. Team Captains recruiting. While the Open competition has set movement standards that are “Judged” by members who take the online Judging course, the intramural side has many more “scaling” options to accommodate our members abilities and allow for participation. The teams are scored as an overall team participation score for each workout. While the Open competition athletes are held to a high movement standard by the judges, the non-competitor members are held to their scaling standard by their “counter”. It is very possible that you’ll hear “NO REP!” for the first time.

A Competition or a Party?

Every Thursday night during the Open, CrossFit will hold an announcement ceremony where the workout for that week is announced and demonstrated by some of the top CrossFit Athletes in the world. We watch this announcement during the 6:15pm class time. On Friday we’ll do the Open workout of that week, as a test of strategy for the competitors and for the 1 or 2 people not participating in the Intramural to get a taste of what it’s like during a regular class time. The Open competitors will also use this time to test the movements and discuss their strategy.

Friday night we get together, are assigned our heats and judges/counters and go through the competition routine of warming up, doing the workout and drinking a post workout beer!

The memories of the Open Intramural last for the rest of the year. The camaraderie, the smack talk…

Now 18.1, 18.2, 18.3 , 18.4  and 18.5 take on a new meaning.



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