A Low Impact Cardio Workout


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The beauty of the Concept 2 Rowing machine lies in it’s versatility to in providing an overall full body, cardio/respiratory workout. Unlike running with it’s high impact forces the rower does not put an undue stress on the joints. The body has to move in a functional manner—riding a bicycle requires us to hold a bent over position for exercise. The Rower requires coordination of the stroke, which means we won’t be zoning out. The Coaches can use the rower to program workouts that meet your particular cardio/respiratory needs. Workouts can be short high intensity intervals or long rowing pieces to test your endurance.

After an initial training on the rower—we’ll determine if you need this during your free consult—and agreement on what you want to achieve, we’ll design your program. The program will be delivered via our Individual Fitness Design program. You will not be required to come in for a particular class time.

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