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One to One Guidance
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One to One OnRamp/Private Coaching

One on One OnRamp/Private Coaching is the fastest way to make big strides in your fitness journey.

In the OnRamp our objective is to teach you the Functional Exercises you’ll most likely encounter in our small group class and to determine any modifications (scaling) you should use. After these three classes you are welcome to join our small group classes.¬†

After the three one on one classes you will have an unlimited membership for the first month to kick start your fitness.

You can sign up for One on One OnRamp Here. 

Private Coaching is for the person or small group of friends who want more one on one time with the Coach than is possible in a regular class.

We start of with an understanding of your fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight? Play a specific sport better? Get ready for an event?

Then we take you through a three part Assessment:

  1. An analysis of your body composition, based on measurements of 10 areas of your body (not weight). We total these measurements and use them as a baseline to gauge your progress against. This is not a judgement, or a test you can fail.
  2. We do a Functional Movement analysis, which we use to determine if there are any exercises we should not use immediately and areas where we need to bring more balance to your body.
  3. Work capacity. Everyone has some place where they are Rock Stars and some where they’re not. We’re all about emphasizing the great while working on the weaknesses.

Our programming for the Private Coaching is designed for you specifically.

You can also look at our Individual Fitness Design program.

We can also accommodate two on one if you wish to train with a partner. Check our prices for these options here.

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