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How are we different?

Not all CrossFit programs are the same.  Integral CrossFit is a school of fitness that started in 2011. We moved from Gunbarrel to Niwot in 2015. As a school of fitness we believe in teaching not only how to do exercise but why. We believe in establishing a good foundation for the body to remain injury free. This stems from our Founder’s 22 years as an Advanced Rolfer and doing CrossFit in other gyms where injuries were considered the norm. The majority of our coaches are health professionals and are all fanatics about proper movement training. We train with a strength/mobility focus because strong bodies are more useful to us in everyday life. We emphasize technical proficiency because this is the simplest, most efficient way to get work done while remaining injury free. Steady progress based on a solid foundation is much more productive over the long term.

In 2003 when CrossFit started posting workouts on the internet the majority of the people who followed it were military, fire/police whose jobs required they be prepared for unknown physical stress. The definition of functional fitness for these early adopters is much different from what people who are coming to CrossFit today experience. While our day to day physical experience does not differ much, but when it does we still need to be prepared. Functional Fitness for the rest of us has to be in support of our daily physical requirements, while at the same time leaving us prepared for the occasional unknown—pushing our car out of a snow drift, etc.

“The needs of Olympic athletes and our Grandparents differ by degree, not kind.”

Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder

We recognize that not everyone is looking to train to be a competitive CrossFit athlete. In fact most of are interested in longevity and living in a healthy body. We also recognize that CrossFit is, in our opinion, the most effective way to train for physical improvements, no matter what your fitness starting point is. Some people who come to us to train will need to be able to jump high, others will need to learn how to best get out of a chair. To accomplish this our programming is a blend of CrossFit workouts, proven strength protocols and fascial tissue rehab. Every class includes an extensive warmup, skills/strength and a conditioning workout which we scale up or down to meet the physical abilities/needs of each person. Our training reflects a natural athletic cycle training-testing-competing, for some of us the competition will be something as mundane as playing with our children, for others it may be an IronMan or a CrossFit competition.

We use the CrossFit methodology to meet our General Purpose Physical Preparedness goals, simply because it is the best we know of. We use USA Weightlifing’s proven training techniques for our weightlifting goals, simple because it’s a documented, certifiable program.

No matter where you are in your exercise journey, proper execution of the movements takes precedence in our workouts. Sacrificing form for some misguided belief in intensity is a pathway to long term injury which we do not allow.

We’re not a Boot Camp. Most of the Coaches are Military Veterans who’ve been through the military boot camp. We don’t yell at you or belittle you. We believe in “whispering the correction and shouting the praise”. Don’t get us wrong we are relentless in asking you to improve and expect that you’ll meet us halfway with your effort.
We instruct you to be a fitter person and set you up for a lifetime of functional strength and conditioning success. By progressively blending strength training with exercise, our members remain healthy and able to keep coming back for more.
Our Mission.
To teach our members how to achieve their maximum potential through functional training and nutrition, in the best training environment possible.
Our Difference.
Understanding our member demographic allows us to design unique programs that focus on fundamental movements. We want you to understand the difference between training alone in a room full of machines and training in a supportive, quality coaching environment. Integral CrossFit coaches instruct each class, helping our athletes train using tried and true exercises with cutting edge program design to facilitate optimal health and fitness.

We train to better meet the challenges of the world outside the gym. Those challenges are sometimes known: going climbing, playing sports. Often they are not known: having to push a car to start it, or shovel it out of the snow. We have a training mindset and philosophy. We don’t just come into the gym to get our required workout over with and check one more box on our to do list. We come in to the gym to get better at life’s physical challenges.




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