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Integral CrossFit is very serious about helping you pursue life long fitness. We’re also all about having fun while doing it. You’ll come in to a class that’s led by a certified Coach who will help you get the most out of your exercise and movement. We’ll increase your ability to lift, push, press and run.

Some days we’ll be laughing it up while playing Rowling, or Tic Tac Weights or something else fun. Remember the Playground? We try to foster both an individual confidence and accomplishment as well as an ad hoc schoolyard team environment. You can train at a 24 hour access gym, by your self with guidance from a book or magazine or be in one of our classes where we take care of the programming, the instruction and the motivation.

The equipment we have is old school CrossFit and high quality. We don’t limit the uses of our equipment to the mundane they may have been intended for, squat stands can also be used for limbo in a gym that values variety. Our only machine is the rowers and they’re powered by you. We swing from bars, climb up ropes, push and pull sleds, flip and dip on rings, move weights, do Olympic lifts, swing kettle bells, roll, the variety never ends! We have all that playground stuff, plus some yoga and fascial fitness thrown in for variety.

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