Individual Fitness Design

No More Guessing. Workouts Designed for You!

Getting what you need when you want it.


The Group Fitness Model, as epitomized by CrossFit, has became very popular over the last 10 years. The Group Model allows a number of people to share the cost of a Coach. This is a safer model than following a “magazine” workout in a 24 hour machine access gym. The motivation provided by the Coach and the Group increases attendance rates. The problem of coming to the gym and not knowing what to do was solved by having the Coaching staff programming the class for you. Even though the program is not customized for you, there is a margin of “scaling” that can be applied to make it accessible. But the solution requires that everyone in the group do the same training. This is fine for a General Physical Preparedness program like CrossFit, it doesn’t necessarily work for achieving individual goals or getting better at a particular aspect of training, gymnastics or strength…

Personal Training addresses this problem of the one size fits all workout. Unfortunately it can be cost  prohibitive to pay for a Coach to work with you specifically.

Individual Fitness Design (IFD) was developed to provide another option beyond those of Group class or Personal Training. In the IFD program we’ll develop programming specific to you, and deliver it to your smart phone. The programming will take into account the skills you have as well as equipment you have available. You can add an IFD Plans for use during one of Group class times, during Open Gym or at home or even another facility.



The Process

Getting started in the Individual Fitness Design begins with a four part assessment process that takes 90 mins to complete:

  1. Establishing your Goals. We’ll help you clarify what your fitness goals are. Programming for someone who wants to get fit to ski is different than for someone who want more energy for life.
  2. Body Composition Analysis—we’ll use our scale and a tape measure to get a current understanding of your body’s muscle to fat ratio, as well as measurement of some key muscle areas.
  3. Movement Screen—we’ll screen you for some basic movement competencies to better direct the types of exercise movements we can prescribe in the programming.
  4. Work Capacity Screen—we’ll access your ability to do work in the three energy systems: Creatine Phosphate, Glycolytic (Anaerobic) and Aerobic. We’ll also gain an understanding of your exercise skill set.

From these four areas we’ll be able to design programs that will address your weak areas and emphasize your strengths.

There is a one time fee of $75 for the assessment. 




The Individual Fitness Design Plans

There are four ways you can use the Individual Fitness Design program:

  1. Pay by the program— 8/month or 12/month—for delivery to your smart phone. You’ll be using the programs at a gym of your choice or at home. We’ll work with you to assure we program for the equipment you have available to you.
  2. Pay by the program as above, and purchase a IDF punch pass for our Open Gym. You’ll have the benefit of access to our equipment.
  3. Hybrid CrossFit/IFD Membership. You’ll pay the add on of the IDF fee to your normal gym membership and use this program during a regular class as room allows.
  4. Unlimited Membership plus the IFD as an add-on. You can use this during class or Open Gym times.




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