Low Impact Interval Training

 Low Impact Cardio

If you suffer from joint pain you know how hard it is to get a good cardio workout. Walking might work, but we adapt to it very quickly.

Running is painful and therefore not a good option. Biking is not full body and it’s pretty scarey on the roads, especially if you have any balance issues. 

We use the Concept 2 Rower to provide you with a low joint impact full body cardio workout. Before you begin the class we’ll assess your current cardio fitness—based on the OPEXFIT assessment—and develop, with you, a balanced program to address your strengths and weaknesses.

Often we find that through the movement of rowing your joints will feel better—motion is lotion—if that’s the case we can program running in place of the rowing.



We get your heart rate up with our cardio rowing program, then after a short rest you hit the strength portion of the program. Here we use Kettlebells and Dumbells to add a little resistance training. This will promote lean muscle development, strength and balance. Resistance training with weights promotes bone growth and density. Lean muscle increases the metabolic calorie burn of the body at rest—1 pound lean muscle can burn up to 7 pounds of fat a year!




Rowing for cardio and resistance training build our capacity, it’s the body weight movements that give us the chance to use our new improvements.

Every class has a gymnastic—body weight—movements component.

These are the old school movements you know: Push Ups, Pull Ups, Situps… Don’t worry if you can’t do pullup or pushup, every exercise we use can be modified as a progression to meet you where you are and help you get stronger.  For instance, we can use some assistance—a pullup band for instance—or change the intensity of the movement.

A Play Ground


Most people fail at meeting their fitness goals because the gym they join lacks three critical components:

  • Programming–most gyms sell you a membership and then set you adrift in their rooms filled with machines. At Integral CrossFit our Coaches design programs that meet you where you are and coach you in how to safely do the movements required, including doing any modifications you’ll need. (We call modifications “scaling” it’s a integral part of Integral CrossFit’s philosophy.) Fascia Agility is based on the 23 years of Rolfing practice and 38 years of coaching our head coach brings to the table.

  • Peer Support–unless you have a good support group of friends that want to go train, you’ll end up in the machine room with strangers who are more concerned about CNN than how you’re doing. At Integral CrossFit Fascia Agility program you’re part of a small class where you can make more friends–bonding through exercise–who will encourage you to improve and celebrate your success. And, we have a truant officer who will contact you if you’re not coming in.

  • Personal Success–it’s fine to have a lot of fancy machines to use–if you know how–but what’s really needed to keep improving is finding personal success and meeting clear goals. Our coaches will help you set goals and document your improvements.

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