Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Fit already to start?
This is possibly the biggest misconception about CrossFit and part the problem is the CrossFit Games competition. There are two parts to CrossFit, the fitness experience and the competitive games training. Most CrossFit members are coming to CrossFit for the fitness experience, we train to get better at life’s challenges. In order to train complex movements we have to break them down, like playing scales when learning a musical instrument, in fact we call the breaking down of the movements “scaling”. If you can’t do a regular pushup we can scale it to a pushing movement that will get you the same functional benefit using the scale of movements for a pushup.

So to answer this question, no you don’t have to be in “shape” but you do have to know you’re not in shape and let us work with you.

Do you offer beginner classes?
Yes!  We have a very well thought out and comprehensive beginners course, which we call “On Ramp”.  It consists of six one-hour sessions designed to prepare you for entry into our everyday class.  On Ramp will insure you are comfortable enough with the basic movements of CrossFit to achieve your fitness goals safely, and give us a chance to determine any scaling you may need.  Additionally, every class we offer is led by one of our Coaches. Our Coach’s first job is to engage and assist you during the class–if you’re new or an old hand. You can sign up for OnRamp here.
Do you have 24 hour access to the gym?
No we don’t. The gyms that have this as an option are based on a diffferent model of fitness, they believe you can work on your own on their machines and get fit.  Each of our classes is led by a Certified CrossFit trainer, all of our Coaches have multiple certifications. But seriously, how often do you work out at 3 am?
Isn't CrossFit really technical?
Yes and no.The Olympic lifts we sometimes program are technical especially if you’re trying to make it to the Olympic caliber. We use these lifts for there full body training benefit and can get you to a basic competency in a few months. That said until we see the competency we don’t let you move heavy weight. In fact if you’ve never lifted weights you’re a blank canvas that we can work with–too often people who learned to “lift” in High School or watching videos have a lot of unlearning to do. The OnRamp will introduce you to the lifts and in every class where they are in the program we review them.
Why are you more expensive the 24 hour gym?
Apples and oranges really.  Walk into Franchise Fitness and ask the folks at the front desk how much it would cost to have one of their certified trainers put together a workout plan for you, train you using that plan to ensure safety and maximum effectiveness, and ensure that a group of motivated people stand shoulder to shoulder with you, cheering you on, while you push yourself to accomplish your goals.  I guarantee it will cost more than $10.31 an hour–which is the average cost of our 3x/week plus Saturday plan. At Integral CrossFit you don’t walk into a room full of machines and do the same thing you did the last time. Instead you walk into an adult version of the playground you loved to swing, run, jump and laugh in as a child. Follow a constantly varied program, get instruction and do it with your motivated Friends!
How do I cancel my membership?
Canceling your membership is easy. Simply email and it will be taken care of.  The following month will be paid IN FULL if contact isn’t made to Integral CrossFit 7 days prior to membership expiring. This includes month to month memberships.
Will I lose weight?
The quick answer is maybe. The more complicated answer is that your actual weight may not go down, but your body composition will most definitely change. You’ll start to use more of your current muscle making it more active (toned) and your fat composition will go down. Since muscle is denser than fat you may not lose weight but you’ll lose inches. You’ll definitely look better without clothes! But please don’t turn into a streaker.
How can an hour replace my 2-3 hour workouts?
CrossFit is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). We program our workouts to utilize all of the energy systems: anaerobic, aerobic and from short to longer time domains. Doing a 20 minute CrossFit workout will create more positive changes in your body than a 3 hour run ever will–without the joint wear and tear.
Can I come in to just get in better shape or do I have to train like a CrossFit games competitor?
Besides safety our priority for our athletes is having fun. We have three levels of programming that we do for each day. Level 1 is for people who are new and still getting used to CrossFit. Level 2 is for the more experienced person who still needs us to scale some of the movements. Sport of Fitness is for the competitor who has the experience and desire to train harder.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes we currently offer discounts for: Teachers, Full Time Students, Veterans attending School or Purple Heart Recipients–we’re Veterans– and couples, whoever you decide to call your partner, and groups of three or more.
What is the minimum/maximum age for training?
Our minimum member age is 14 years old.  Please note that the decision to continue the membership of members under 18 will be continuously assessed by Integral CrossFit’s coaching staff to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all members.  There is no maximum age.
Do you offer sport specific classes?
Yes and No. We offer an Olympic Weightlifting program for people who wish to compete or just gain the benefits of this training. The beauty of this program is that it is based on individual performance and needs. Too often young and older people feel as though they can’t make it in the world of competitive sports, or they’ve been passed over by sports teams in the past. Weightlifting is a sport where each individual competes on their own. Weightlifting under the direction of a qualified coach is safer than running!

Please feel free to contact to talk more about this. We are certified by USA Weightlifting as coaches.

CrossFit is the best General Purpose Physical (GPP) training there is. We are more than happy to include some “specific” programming for aspiring athletes to help you get better at your sport.

What do you do to ensure cleanliness of the gym?
We are VERY dedicated to providing a safe and clean environment for you to train. We use chalk when we lift,  on the rings or pullup rig, stuff gets dirty. All of our staff are responsible for assuring that YOU clean up after yourself as our first line of attack. We have a dedicated house cleaner who also trains in the gym and takes great pride in its cleanliness. We use anti-bacterial wipes on all of the equipment after their use–it’s sort of a post class ritual to help put things away and clean up, just before the coffee and cookies…at the coffee shop.
A List of Special Resources
This is where you’ll find special resources we think you may be interested in. They range from CrossFit terms to special workouts you can do in a hotel. It will be upgraded as we have time/inspiration. Enjoy.

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