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 It’s time to get rid of some really old and useless ideas about the body.

The first useless idea has been with us since the industrial revolution,  that the body is a machine. It’s not! Machines wear out with use. Our body’s wear out with lack of use. If you’ve been told to stop doing some movement because it’s not good for your joints, bones, muscles and etc. you’ve been given old advice. By stopping a movement we remove that stimulus from our body which was made to move—that’s what it’s designed to do. You ever wonder why the people you know who stop moving are the ones who can’t move? If lack of movement were therapeutic they should be able to break dance at 90.

When we don’t move our body’s tissue drys out and gets brittle. Through the introduction of gentle movement—that progesses in intensity as you get used to it—we are able to return the hydration to the body’s tissue while improving it’s ability to move. Our joints stop aching when they can move, our muscles stop complaining when we use them, our heart, lungs and bones get stronger when we use them.

 We may retire from work, but we’ll never be without physical challenges. This class is for those of us who have enough life experience to know this to be true, and want to be prepared to meet these challenges read more here,

Fascia Agility is a program for anyone with an interest in improving health,L well-being and longevity. It is a combination of Fascial Fitness and a Progressive Strength program. With Fascia Agility we will provide you with a program that will address your ability to move effectively as well as increase your strength and fitness. We’ll introduce you to greater fitness in a progressive manner in three 4 week programs—as outlined below.

We start each month of training with a programmed emphasis on freer movement and slowly add in more strength and cardio training. By the end of each month you’re not only moving better you’re able to sustain the movement with strength and stamina.

You’re better able to adapt to the physical challenges of the world, you’ll be more Agile and less Fragile.

You can enter the Fascia Agility program at the beginning of any four week cycle. We coordinate the work you’ll do based on where you are in the program.

  • Week 1-4: we focus on re-hydrating the fascial tissue that becomes more like plastic than soft and loose with lack of use. (Often that feeling of stiffness or even pain we feel is not due to the movement we think is causing it but from the lack of movement that preceded using the body part.) Our toning component in this cycle is mostly body weight gymnastic movements and some old school yard play.

  • Week 5-8: we continue with the fascia specific hydrating exercises and add in some external elastic resistance to increase the demand on the body to adapt. Challenging the body is what promotes it to grow stronger and more resilient. The elastic resistance introduces a subtle controlled neurological effect, we gain more balance and stamina.

  • Week 9-12: we have a choice here based on our assessment of your fascia’s resilience: we can stay with the last cycle increasing the intensity a bit, or we can move on. If we move on it will be in the introduction of more external weight into our exercise—dumb bells and or kettle bells—to increase the demand on the body to get strong and to balance this external force.

You are going to start Fascia Agility  with some questions:

  • Can I get in better condition—the answer is yes, each month you’ll be better able to handle physical challenges than you were at the beginning of the month. Let’s put to rest the idea that we only get weaker with age.

  • Can I lose fat—Yes. With a proper diet you can lose fat. You’ll gain lean muscle as your body gains tone. Lean muscle requires more calories to maintain, an added benefit!

  • Can I get stronger—most definitely, both in your ability to move your body and in your ability to do it quicker.

  • Can I stick with a fitness program to improve my life—you have to provide the initial motivation to do this. We’ll provide a welcoming, fun environment, supportive community, a truant officer and excellent coaching to support your success. After the first four weeks you’ll see your results and be motivated to continue.

  • Do I have time for this—two hours a week is what it will take. Perhaps the better question can I afford the time not to do this? Are you getting healthier and stronger now?

At the end of the Fascia Agility program, you are going to be motivated and a stronger, happier, healthier YOU!

Most people fail at meeting their fitness goals because the gym/program they join lacks three critical components:

  • Programming–most gyms sell you a membership and then set you adrift in their rooms filled with machines. At Integral CrossFit our Coaches design programs that meet you where you are and coach you in how to safely do the movements required, including doing any modifications you’ll need. (We call modifications “scaling” it’s a integral part of Integral CrossFit’s philosophy.) Fascia Agility is based on the 23 years of Rolfing practice and 38 years of coaching our head coach brings to the table.

  • Peer Support–unless you have a good support group of friends that want to go train, you’ll end up in the machine room with strangers who are more concerned about CNN than how you’re doing. At Integral CrossFit Fascia Agility program you’re part of a small class where you can make more friends–bonding through exercise–who will encourage you to improve and celebrate your success. And, we have a truant officer who will contact you if you’re not coming in.

  • Personal Success–it’s fine to have a lot of fancy machines to use–if you know how–but what’s really needed to keep improving is finding personal success and meeting clear goals. Our coaches will help you set goals and document your improvements.

The Four-week FasciAgility program is delivered over 2 sessions/week.  Each session will be packed full of knowledge, quality instruction, and FUN!

In the FasciAgility program you’ll be in a group, with a Coach working with you. We’ll do the programming every time you come in which includes:

  • A Warmup specifically tailored to the movements you’ll be doing in the class.

  • A Skills session where we’ll demonstrate the proper movement for the exercise you’ll be doing and Coach you through those movements.

  • A Workout that is based in Functional Fitness and varied to assure you are on a constant path to improvement, and better understand your work capacity.

  • We use a combination of Calisthenics, Cardio—Rowing, Walking—and simple weight training (both elastic and fixed resistance) to affect a constant improvement. We also test and measure to assure you’re on track.

  • We’ll introduce you to your optional weekly home workout assignment in each class.

Wow, that seems like a lot to pack in to an hour!

It is and this is why so many Fitness Resolutions die, you probably don’t have the time/knowledge to develop a program for yourself and get overwhelmed by just starting!

Our program can and will be completely scaled/matched to your level of ability–we’ll determine your current ability with a detailed assessment–the exercises we use allows multiple skill levels to be in the same class. The only overwhelming aspect will be how much fun you will have moving around and breaking a sweat–Integral CrossFit is a functional fitness playground ask any of our members–and the support you’ll receive from the Coaches and your class mates!

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Fascia Agility $149/month!

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DON’T THINK ABOUT STARTING—Click here to find out more.


Fascia Agility $149/month!

No contract required!

The Integral CrossFit community are fun to hand out and get fit with!

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